What’s with the Zombie Fish anyway?

Fish Bomb

The original fishy

The fish first came about in a 4 canvas painting involving Tofu flying his plane and dropping little fish bombs. These fish bombs were painted after what used to be his most favorite chew toy (“used to be” because he destroyed it and the identical replacement toy was clearly not as good as the old one)

Speaking with another artist, it was mentioned to me that I might try doing more fish images… because they have lips and eyes and people like that(?) I wasn’t too sure about that, but ran with it anyway.

Dopey Zombie Fish

... and what became of the original fishy!

The fish series is the original “other critters”, and more specifically Zombie Fish. What can I say, sometimes a person gets focused on a particular thing. I think it makes sense. I already semi-accepted the dubious assertion that googly-eyed fish with lips are liked by people. But what can make them cooler… ?

Hey, zombies are really cool. I’ve been paranoid about the Zombie Apocalypse long before being worried about it was cool. So Zombie + Googly-Eyed-Fish = 100% Awesomeness.

What more could you want!

How did that nice, friendly, googly-eyed former chew toy fish become the decaying, undead horror of the deep, namely Zombie Fish? I think perhaps I cannot help but to take a thing and make it horrible sometimes.

Some things are worse than left overs

Zombie Fish for Dinner

Zombie Fish for Dinner - Some things are worse that left overs

Zombie Fish for Dinner, a b&w ink drawing. I’ve scanned this in to paint in Corel Painter, like I have with my other fish pieces.

I liked having an interaction with the zombie fish and a person. In case it is one of sad disappointment for the girl. For the zombie fish?… concern for being eaten?… eyeing his next meal?… hmmm.

Another Batch of Zombie Fish

Dopey Zombie Fish shirt, women's

Dopey Zombie Fish on a women's shirt, Light Blue

Scary Zombie Fish, unisex cranberry

Scary Zombie Fish printed in monochrome on a unisex cranberry T

Another batch of Zombie Fish T’s have arrived!

We are very excited o feature a women’s T. Sure, I suppose a guy could wear it… there’s no law that says he can’t wear a women’s cut… though the fashion police may come after him and we are not responsible for that.

But seriously, it’s a women’s t-shirt… for women.

The print is a deep plum-purple, on American Apparel’s light blue. It is available in small, medium, large and extra large. Be sure to check the thumb-nail image in the product description for American Apparel’s size chart. Their women’s shirts tend to run a bit smaller.

Also in is the Scary Zombie fish printed on a cranberry-red T. You may notice that we stepped it up from a one color print to a full gradient monochrome. I know, it’s all sorts of crazy.

These new additions have been posted to the shop so be sure to check them out.

Scary Zombie Fish T’s are in! (woot)

Scary Zombie Fish T-Shirt

Stays decayed and undead in both fresh and salt water!

Well the title says it all, we are very excited that the Scary Zombie Fish T-Shirts are in and available in the shop!

Can we get a Woo-Hoo?

It is a dark gray-green print on an Army green (from American Apparel), available in M,L, and XL

We also have a women’s fitted dopey zombie fish shirt in the works, as well as a unisex, full color Scary on a Cranberry red. So check back in for those new arrivals!

New painting, Sid Fisious

My newest painting. Sid Fishious in concert, screaming to his groupers. For a while I thought I wouldn’t finish, but I think I have it. I liked working with the intensity of the saturated and contrasty lighting. Now that all is done, I’m looking forward to something a bit more normal, and a bit more chill… something that doesn’t leave me with my ears ringing.


First T-Shirt Posted

Dopey Zombie Fish close-up

Om Nom Nom... braaaaaaaaaaains!

The first t-shirt has been loaded to the shop! Check out Dopey Zombie Fish. Sure he looks slow and not all together there, but he’ll be munching on your brains as soon as you take your eyes off of him.

A new zombie fish shirt/design is in the works! (Peruse the Gallery and see if you can guess which), so stay tuned!

What the Fu!?

Testing the new Tofu the Dog site.