Another Batch of Zombie Fish

Dopey Zombie Fish shirt, women's

Dopey Zombie Fish on a women's shirt, Light Blue

Scary Zombie Fish, unisex cranberry

Scary Zombie Fish printed in monochrome on a unisex cranberry T

Another batch of Zombie Fish T’s have arrived!

We are very excited o feature a women’s T. Sure, I suppose a guy could wear it… there’s no law that says he can’t wear a women’s cut… though the fashion police may come after him and we are not responsible for that.

But seriously, it’s a women’s t-shirt… for women.

The print is a deep plum-purple, on American Apparel’s light blue. It is available in small, medium, large and extra large. Be sure to check the thumb-nail image in the product description for American Apparel’s size chart. Their women’s shirts tend to run a bit smaller.

Also in is the Scary Zombie fish printed on a cranberry-red T. You may notice that we stepped it up from a one color print to a full gradient monochrome. I know, it’s all sorts of crazy.

These new additions have been posted to the shop so be sure to check them out.

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