What’s with the Zombie Fish anyway?

Fish Bomb

The original fishy

The fish first came about in a 4 canvas painting involving Tofu flying his plane and dropping little fish bombs. These fish bombs were painted after what used to be his most favorite chew toy (“used to be” because he destroyed it and the identical replacement toy was clearly not as good as the old one)

Speaking with another artist, it was mentioned to me that I might try doing more fish images… because they have lips and eyes and people like that(?) I wasn’t too sure about that, but ran with it anyway.

Dopey Zombie Fish

... and what became of the original fishy!

The fish series is the original “other critters”, and more specifically Zombie Fish. What can I say, sometimes a person gets focused on a particular thing. I think it makes sense. I already semi-accepted the dubious assertion that googly-eyed fish with lips are liked by people. But what can make them cooler… ?

Hey, zombies are really cool. I’ve been paranoid about the Zombie Apocalypse long before being worried about it was cool. So Zombie + Googly-Eyed-Fish = 100% Awesomeness.

What more could you want!

How did that nice, friendly, googly-eyed former chew toy fish become the decaying, undead horror of the deep, namely Zombie Fish? I think perhaps I cannot help but to take a thing and make it horrible sometimes.

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